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Atari 8-bit

Atari 8-bit SpartaDOS 3 and X utilities

DelTree—Delete's the user specified directory and all the files and sub-directories that are in its path [Written in Action!].

DualTest—This is a dual-format test, format a floppy using SpartaDOS' dual-format and extract the files in the bMapTest.Arc inside this archive to this disk. Follow the documentation to help you understand the nature of SpartaDOS' UnErase command bug [Documentation].

FATR—Use to change a file or a directory's archive attributes [Written in Action!].

FTD—Use to change a file or a directory's time and date stamp [Written in Action!].

Tree—Just like the SpartaDOS Tree command, but display's volume name and the tree structure as it appears on disk.

TS—Searches for user specified text in text files.

TSplitSplit's text files (ATASCII) by text lines (paragraphs), instead of the fixed-length pass by pass method [Written in Action!].

UnDelete—This is a bug free and must have alternative to the buggy SpartaDOS UnErase command (download DualTest for complete info on this bug). Handles file attributes, lists erased files, and also recovers directories [Written in Action!].

WipeDisk—Wipe's the entire disk or the unused sectors of a disk (default) [Written in Action!].

xErase—Use this command to erase your files. This command will keep your deleted file and directory attributes intact. This will allow you to use UnDelete's file attribute feature when recovering files and directories [Written in Action!].

xType—This is what the original SpartaDOS Type command should have been like. xType features word wrapping, display pause, and display of control chars [Written in Action!].

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