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Welcome to my Atari 8-bit Site on the Internet!

Recently I started working with my Atari 8-bit computer and started using the Atari800Win emulator and found that some of my SpartaDOS utilities did not work with SpartaDOS 3.3. SpartaDOS 3.3 seems to be a favorite among the Atari 8-bit emulator users. Some of the utilities (those that use the recursive tree routines) have a detection code built into them to configure themselves appropriately depending on the SpartaDOS version being used. I have modified this code to handle SpartaDOS 3.3 as well.

The new versions of the utilities are online and are:


Also, I have taken on the challenge of making available Atari manuals in html format. I decided to start with the SpartaDOS X manual. This manual is still incomplete but I am making great progress. In the months to come I will be making available a lot more, such as the MIO, Toolkit, R-Time8, and the SDCS (SpartaDOS 3) manuals.

I will continue to enhance this page as time permits. It will be more often than in the past. My Atari 8-bit OS of choice has always been SpartaDOS 3 and X. The programs on this site are utilities that enhance the SpartaDOS OS.

Keep your eyes on the site for the latest.

Nelson Nieves

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